A Letter Condoning This Exhibition, A Letter Condemning This Exhibition

Handwritten letters, locking frame, leather, velvet, epistolary action, 2018.
“I  imagine the dead have better things to concern themselves with than our mortal affairs. Protectiveness, possessiveness, fear of misrepresentation, jealousy — surely the dead are beyond such pettiness. I certainly hope as much.” 

The artist wrote two letters when he learned that his aesthetics and identity had been co-opted by artist Josh Schwebel as part of his solo exhibitions at the Fonderie Darling (Montreal) and the Tadeusz Kantor House (Hucisko).

The letters — one condoning, the other condemning Schwebel's actions — were framed and locked within a sculptural work designed to resemble a quodlibet painting, and displayed within Schwebel’s Montreal exhibition.

Shortly before the end of the exhibition's run, the artist staged the unlocking and live reading of the two letters, returning one letter to the frame, disposing of the other. Schwebel was not present for the reading. 

Photos by Hugo St-Laurent and Maxime Boisvert